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Fun discussion going here. I have followed these debates since launch really and I would like to add a few things from my own personal experience. I have tried different min/max setups. 250 Surge is a solid number to lock in at, push it to 300 if you prefer. Then as others have said go with Alacrity. However, there are many shades of grey here that cannot be covered via math, dummy testing etc. etc.

One thing that cannot be taken into account is all the variables that accompany raiding. I have completed all game content in 8man, and we are currently progressing through NM EC. This is not to validate or say my methods and opinions are perfect or preferable, just that I have a basis to derive my information from.

In my experience there is no such thing as a "true rotation" when raiding difficult content per say. Granted once you know the encounters and are very comfortable you can change or push boundries accordingly with your healing and dps for that matter. There are many, many factors to consider. Like, what is the build of the raid group as far as classes, how skilled is everyone, how well geared is the group, how practiced is the group, is synergy good, what encounter is it, how many mistakes or hiccups happen during the fight? These are just a few things to consider that are not taken into account. Standing at a dummy and healing means nothing in a combat situation. All it provides is the possible max hps and best "rotation" to achieve such hps in a bubble.

Many people will say that an Operatives best rotation is KP-Kinj-SP. However, that is a very rigid system to go buy. Every situation is different. Especially when you are learning new content. SP is a good heal. It has it's place and is quiet handy in many situations. However, if someone thinks they will keep tanks and raid up effectively in difficult encounters by merely rolling HoTs, Injecting and SP. They will probably always be behind, put more pressure on the other healer(s) or people will die. The SP is great but it's farely weak when tanks are getting hit for 7-10k or even more at times. I am leading into Alacrity here, I do have a point as far as the thread is concerned directly

Kolto Infusion, yes the red-headed step child. The undrated heal that a large portion of Operatives overlook as useless or not as "good" as SP. This is simply not true. In fact the harder content becomes the more people will realize that Kolto Infusion is very good. Any Operative that dismisses it is cutting themselves short in the end. This has happened because math thumpers have convinced people it has no place on our bars. People also will list all the reasons not to use it without ever trying to figure out how effective it can really be for themselves. For those of us that have used it effectively and skillfully we have one more tool on our belt than those that do not.

I say this because Alacrity also effects this heal. My Infusion currently sits at a cast time of 1.25s and can crit for 6k easily. Via the PvE set bonus. Also with no GC to wait for I can spam 3 back to back to back, blowing my wad essentially in order to save the raid from a wipe. Also what about an Injection for crit plus an Infusion crit thats a HUGE heal in a pinch that KI/SP cannot hope to achieve effectively. The disregard has gotten so bad that many people take the PvP set bonus over the PvE bonus. For a mere 5 energy, which becomes useless once you dip below the top regen rates. However Infusion crits ALOT and is always there. Maybe it was less useful prior to being able to stack 3 TA's but no longer.

Alas, there is more. Alacrity also effects DS. Many people will say if you DS all the time your doing something wrong or your energy control is poor. Not true again. In fact one of the most effective rotations I have found is Injection-DS-Infusion-DS-Injection-DS-Infusion-DS on and on and on. You can do this inifinately and never run out of energy or even dip below the top regen rate. So, from my perspective Alacrity increased not only Hps over Surge past 250-300. It also effects 3 of our heals. Thats half of them.

What about our HoTs? Indeed Nano is great and effective and so are our KP's. However, again they really don't seem to help alot in more difficult content. Everyone will say you have to keep hots rolling to keep TA's up. Well, that is true and one method. But there are many ways to skin a cat. Sometimes it's just not worth the energy spent, especially on the tanks, to use the KP's. I'd rather hit them with an Injection than DS, and fit Hots in when I can and they are most applicable. Depending on circumstances of course. In fact I find Hots to be more effective on raid healing more so than tanks.

My long winded point is this. Our raid group currently heals with 2 Ops. We have never had any healing issues. I have healed all kinds of combinations of raid groups. Both Ops use pretty much the same min/max strats. Our numbers are very similar. If people contend there is one "best" way because of math and testing in a bubble than it stiffles the growth and exploration of the tiny details of the Operative class in healing. I have well over 2k Cunning ( way more than enough ) so I use all Overkill Augs. However many will tell you to go Cunning anyways, regardless if guys like me are performing above standards without them.

You have to focus on what works best for you and the raid encounters and group. Tweak things as you go. Make changes, try new things. Don't be afraid to go against the grain, you may find that doing just that will provide you with your best performances. I used to love me some Surge and Crit, but after much tweaking I have settled on a more balanced strat and it works great for me. I have never been a big math guy, I prefer to get my hands dirty and see how things really apply when all hell is breaking loose. Then you will have your "true" answers of what works best.

I know I went around the mulberry bush a bit here but I enjoy it. With MMO Mechanics barely having a pulse it's nice to see people discussing things here with our class. Good luck out there, cheers.