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"This event had the desired effect of getting people to leave the Fleet and go run about the galaxy mingling with other players of various levels."
Jonathan Crow

Wouldn't dispersement/copying of unique Fleet services to other planets, get "people to leave the Fleet'?

Such as expanding the existing services on Ilum, Coruscant, Dromond Kaas. Adding the unique services to the daily areas on Corellia and Belsavis, and the four starter planets. And allowing the planetary flashpoint shuttles to take people directly to the flashpoint, like the Black Hole, Belsavis, etc. transport take people to daily areas.
haha, yeah. BioWare is the one who made Fleet the hub and now they want people to leave Fleet? Me, I try to avoid Fleet at all costs; recently got the ship GTN so I don't have to go to Nar Shadda anymore either (unless I want to, obviously). I *hate* visiting Fleet. My ships are my homes, my staging areas, where I spend most of my non-questing time.
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