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I know some will disgree and that is fine...

1. Jedi Consular - 10/10 - Easier to play with a Shadow. The most Jedi-like story line. Jedi is not all about hacking and slashing, especially a Consular. I feel some people are harsh on this story line because they are more hack'n'slash centric and could care less of the healing arts, philosophy, and unmodified diplomacy. All chapters completed with my Sage.

2. Jedi Knight - 5/10 - I can not remember what I am doing. I have both a Sentinel (C2) and Guard (C1) running this story line. Perhaps my score will improve after I catch up to what I am doing?...LOL It could also be either SWTOR over use blues or the quest line is not hard enough for Sent DPS and Guard Tank-DPS. Kira is a plus to the story line.

3. Smuggler - 7/10 - Chapter 1 was cool, Chapter 2 - I am finding myself either drooling on the keyboard or logging out my smuggler for another toon with a more exciting story line and more active skills. In addition, I could swear an Imperial Agent - Sniper has better dps and/or inductions than a Smuggler-Gunslinger and they are supposed to be equal.

4. Trooper 9/10 - Very cool thus far! The only reason for the 9 is because you can tell some or all of the Devs have never been in the military.

5. Sith Warrior - 10/10 - I really like it thus far, very dark Sith like. The Sith Warrior (C1) master is very Sith intimidating and has an aura of danger about him - (Chapter 1).

6. Sith Inquisitor - 9/10 - I am giving it a 9 thus far because I think Lord Zash seems too lenient or perhaps she is a calm before the storm? I like how my toon back handed Khem Val for stepping out of line with Lord Zash, however I would have expected lightning streams from Lord Zash either on my toon, Khem, or both regardless if my toon kept Khem in line. (Chapter 1)

7. Imperial Agent - 10/10 - I feel like James Bond armed with Alexander Arm's Beowulf (.50 caliber upper receiver for the M16/M4). (Chapter 1)

8. Bounty Hunter - 10/10 - having fun and it feels very bounty hunter oriented. I do not see any fault with the story at this time. (Chapter 2)