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11.30.2012 , 10:41 AM | #54
Trooper - lvl 50 - 7
I liked Act 1 and the battles at the end of 2 and 3. I wish there were more moments where I was part of the war instead of small skirmishes here and there. I was never near the front line of a battle nor did I ever take a large squad to storm an area.

Smuggler - lvl 50 - 5
The chase for Skavik was fun in Act 1. The rest of the story just didn't seem to fit to me. I seemed more entry level SIS errand boy than Smuggler. The story twist was pretty good, but the story overall was average.

Consular - lvl 50 - 3
This story never reached the point of captivating to me. The shielding technique plot line never made me feel like an essential part of a war effort. I felt completely separated from the major focus of the game. The diplomatic efforts in Act 2 and 3 were dull.

Knight - lvl 32 - 8
The story to this point has been very good. The game play of the Knight makes it even better. Fast hitting and in your face is the game play and the story is along those lines.

Agent - lvl 23 - 8.5
Really enjoying the story so far. It is all that everyone says it is up to this point.