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11.30.2012 , 09:39 AM | #8
Welcome to the game, hope you're enjoying yourself.

The advice above is good, I'll just add: It's good to shop around and do some due dilligence on picking your guild. If one catches your eye, watch in PVP or wherever how they play together, talk with members, and get a feel for if you like the cut of their jib or not before signing on.

Also it's common for people to spam invites. If you get an invite you can ask them why they sent it to you if you want. If the answer is something like "I've seen you a lot in PVP and think you have what we're looking for" that's a good sign. If the answer is "I'm inviting everyone I see on fleet", or they're not interested in answering your questions about them, then they're likely a crap guild.