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11.30.2012 , 08:17 AM | #53
* Sith Warrior (Level 50) - 9.5/10
LOVED the story!! It's pure Darth Vadar in every way. Act 1 was great, but Act 3 with the final showdown was just awesome!!

* Smuggler (Level 50) - 7/10
It was good.. typical Han Solo (which I liked), but didn't quite really compare to the Sith Warrior story imo

* Imperial Agent (Finished Chapter 1) - 9.5/10
Love it so far... lots of great twists and turns in the story so far.. hoping for a great finish (wonder if it'll top my Sith Warrior story?!)

I'm thinking of doing the Jedi Knight next, as most people say that class has a great story