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Bioware and EA are fairly famous in the gaming industry for being inclusive of LGBT persons and for making content geared toward them. When Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) launched, there was a rather public campaign by anti-LGBT groups to prevent the inclusion of same-sex romances in SWTOR - this was shot down by EA, who stated that they include LGBT content regardless of criticism.

However, during the Beta of SWTOR it was stated that there were "no gays in Star Wars" - a comment that was quickly removed and replaced with a general statement of intention to include same-sex content into SWTOR post-launch because Bioware realised that they have(had) a large LGBT fanbase. The latter comments were made by Stephen Reid, previous Community Manager (since replaced by Joveth Gonzalez).

In March of 2012, Daniel Erickson, a story writer, stated that same-sex content would be coming to SWTOR with other story content and that said story content would be introduced "this year" (assumed to be referring to 2012). This statement came only after months of pressure for post-launch statement, as Stephen Reid's comments had been removed with the removal of the beta forums, and equal months of silence.

Since Mr. Erickson's comments in March and despite constant questions of the whether or not the same-sex content is going to introduced into SWTOR, Bioware has not addressed the community in any manner. Yes, Mr. Gonzalez did post in the 'official' thread:, but this was no statement, did not address any actual questions (that is, if Mr. Erickson's comments were still valid) and has been the entirety of Bioware's engagement on this subject, as Mr. Erickson's comments from the Guild Summit were never transcribed in any official capacity to the SWTOR website.

I contact you on this matter because we are nearing the one year anniversary of SWTOR's release. It is disheartening that two companies who claim to be so inclusive have made the decision to not engage with their fanbase on this matter in any meaningful way and did, at some point during development, decide that LGBT persons should not be represented in one of their biggest endeavours.

In the thread linked we have discussed the trials of development post-launch and the affects of the move to Free2Play on post-launch development and how that might have hindered the actual recording and coding of same-sex content, but none of us have felt that that justifies Bioware's increasingly noticeable silence. This is particularly becoming a sore point as recently the "Hood Toggle" crowd (those who want to be able to switch between having their Jedi robe hoods up or down) were given an idea of the particular problems with coding and implementing hood toggles.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I apologise if the topic seems tedious.
I just sent that to the PA Report. I have no idea if anything will happen because of it, but it's worth a shot.

P.S. I love the fact that no one at Bioware reads this thread, means we can discuss stuff like this (^) without having to worry about the mods getting all uppity.