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Here is my BEGINNERS guide to PvP. Some of you may be wary of doing it for the of getting `Pwned` (or whatever the cool kids say nowadays lol) but lets face it its not like you dont die in PvE...

Personally I think PvP makes you a much better all round player and if you start at level 10 you will be able to get some nice orange and blue quality gear for when you get to level 20.

I have shown the location for the PvP vendors on the Republic fleet. Their Imperial counterparts can be found in the same quadrant of the imperial fleet if memory serves.

Also worth noting there is a mission terminal in both these sections that offer a Daily PvP mission for sub 50 and over 50 pvp that give nice lock box rewards.

Anyhoo here is the link

Just a final word on gear. There are `Lightside` and `Darkside` specific vendors on the fleet that sell a mix of nice orange (moddable) gear and blue gear. Most of it is either specific ranks of dark/light or class locked. Anyway a good place to shop if you are after a certain look for your character.
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