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I like to spread the gaming love, which is why I foolishly always play every class in a game. However, as my Knight has officially just received her second companion, I'm curious to know whether or not I SHOULD spread the love with companions. Is it wise to switch them out as you play, giving them each battle time, or is it best to simply pick your favorite and ignore the rest?
I personally like to play with one companion. But if I get a companion that makes the strategically is better suited for me [i.e a healer companion] I will switch to that one and just use my favorite during conversations so that my affection gain is with my favorite.
I do however make sure that periodically I pull them out and change their gear. You never know when you will be required to use them for a particularly hard story mission.
-What should I mentally prepare for as a new healer?
People thinking that you heal them out in spite of any **** they do!