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11.30.2012 , 01:46 AM | #3403
You know what could be a fun, harmless way to show our continued anticipation of this content and disappointment in the silence? Peaceful, fun, in game, event like demonstrations.

Remember when City of Heroes shut down, and they had events to show support for the game? Not that those worked, but events like that always grab more media attention than the issues themselves.

We could have players with all the available lightsaber colors form rainbows, have players dress in a color chosen to represent the cause, and just generally sit around and have a peaceful demonstration. It would be a good thing for people to get together in game like that, and it would also cause onlookers to question what is going on, and raise awareness.

We could do something like this on every day a patch is released with no new information on SGRAs.

I'm not sure of it's effectiveness, but it would be something at least. I can't imagine BioWare trying to shut something like that down, it would look really bad for them.