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First Slagin, thank you for your apology. Passions can override anyone, especially when it comes to gamers and this content.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nozybidaj View Post
Its the only course of action we have, I'll give you that. Obviously nothing we say or do is going to impress Bioware. Personally, even if they add this content tomorrow I doubt it would be enough to placate me or keep me subscribed at this point. They've brewed too much bad blood.

The fact this content wasn't there from day 1 is in and of itself inexcusable. The fact they've back-burner'ed it for a year and half only makes it worse. Their treatment (or lack there of) the issue really pushes it over the top for me.

The game is a nice diversion for me here for a few weeks while I take a break from GW2 but with the breathtakingly inept way they have handled this for a company that has spent years building a reputation of inclusion I can't see anything they could do that they will do that would make me forgive and forget.
And therein lies the rub.

It's not just that they are being silent now.

It's not just the boilerplate answer that mods gave us for over a year regarding this. I am referring to the statement by Stephen Reid last September. Seriously, we sang happy birthday to it in the thread before Joveth came in and said a word. To us. In the privacy of our special corner.

It's not just that they didn't include the content from the get-go and didn't even offer it in Beta.

It's not just that they allowed assumptions about this content already being in the game being published by gaming sites.

It's not just the deleted Tweet.

It's not just former employees leaving and no one being public about bringing the content to the table since.

It's all of it at this point.

I'm not the type to say I'm going to boycott a company. Who knows; they might have games I really want down the line. However, I too have moved past the point of forgive and forget. And just like Nozy, even if they included this on the very next patch, I'd still want this weird silence addressed. Heck, even acknowledged the silence at all. I don't want the company or the game to fail, but I do think they need to own up to at the very least over 8 months of non communication since the Guild Summit.

To anyone that works for EA/BW, that might have a say so....if they read the thread...

Please ask The Powers That Be to let you speak. Just say, "Along with the new romance content, SGRs will be coming to The Old Republic! No ETA as of yet, but we apologize if any our silence caused any confusion."

I know, fat chance that any that has control over the flow of info reads this, but a Jedi always has to maintain hope. So does a good hearted sniper when you get down to it.

That would be a start. I will say I don't think it'll be enough. People really are done trying to play it their way, but the effort would be recognized to an extent.

But dang it EA/BW, at least try!!!