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How artifice works is like this:

You're a Jedi, right? This means with Artifice, you can gather materials and then make gear for your lightsaber and any moddable armor you find / obtain. If you're not restricted to one crew skill, then you'll want to also take Tresure Hunting (preferred if you only have two skills available to you) and archaeology (if you have all three available to you.)

As a Sentinel, you'll want to make, reverse-engineer, and upgrade your lightsaber hilts, color crystals, and enhancements, along with any offhand equipment for companions (such as shields, focii, generators, etc.) Make a green of an item, break it down, try to score a blue-quality of the same thing, then make that and throw it in. My suggestion for enhancements would be to only buy the ones you yourself would need, and I'm tempted to say don't bother trying to RE things into purple quality until endgame, and not even then if you're a freebie account.

If you try to buy every single enhancement, you'll go broke. If you try to RE every single enhancement other than what you use, you'll go broke. If you try to RE into purples every single time, you'll go broke. Trust me on that. If you get into a guild or something and people want you to make stuff for them, then make sure you let them know you probably don't have it readily available the first time and will need to RE it, and try to let them know what their options are - they usually have a few enhancements with the same stats but in different quantities - more End than Crit or Surge, or more Crit than Surge and End, or more Surge than Crit or End, etc.

That's my tips.
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