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Jedi Consular: 7/10.
You really feel as if the entire Jedi Order depends on you. You also grow very well in your roll. Personally, i didnt really like chapter 2, the higher-ups just say 'help these people' and that was it, but it was a nice build-up to chapter 3.

Smuggler: 6/10.
The prologue was great, you felt a real smuggler who had gotten himself in a situation. After that, the 'smuggler feeling' disappeared very fast and the story wasnt great. Fortunately your dialogue options and personality as a smuggler make up for that.

Imperial Agent: 9/10.
Absolutely great. Personality, immersion, story; it was all there! The story kept me exciting all the time.

Sith Inquisitor: 8/10.
What really surprised me here was how connected I felt to my character. You're a Sith and you think, seemingly, only about getting more powerful, but the idea that you can rise from slave to a powerful Darth really appealed me.

I plan to do all class stories and im now doing the trooper. Looks pretty OK so far, but im only lvl 16, so I cant say much about it yet.
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