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I actually owned the Acer X 1200 when I first got this game... you CAN upgrade the graphics card... BUT you will have to modify the case (as in cut it) because its so small that most cards are too wide to fit in it. Honestly even after that the CPU and RAM are so slow that it bottlenecks the speed anyway. I went out and spent about 600 bucks building a 6 core AMD processor with 8 gigs RAM and a Solid State Drive on a ASUS board all in a new case... I already had a Graphics card and power supply so all in all about 800 bucks or so for a sweet set up that runs the game on max graphics. The Acer X 1200 will hold up for a while with a new Graphic Card and PS... but like I said you need to physically alter the case and it runs very hot with more stuff crammed in it, so expect a lot of crashes and shorter lifespan of the hard drive / CPU.
Then do you think that it will run games like skyrim and dragon age 1&2 with at least console graphics?