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11.28.2012 , 06:36 AM | #1
First of all, not at all a new player but I didn't want to spoil the PvP forum with practical stuff like this. My problem is this: once 1.6 hits, Battlemaster Gear disappears from the game and I need their Armorings for two of my classes so I can remod PvE gear for the bonuses.

One is a Madness Assassin who needs the 4piece bonus on PvE gear (+15% crit chance on Thrash). He is lvl 50 and has 2 pieces right now, so he shouldn't be a problem.

The other one is my Gunnery Commando, who needs the 2piece PvE bonus (+15% crit chance on Grav Round). He's not 50 yet though and I'm a bit worried I won't get there in time.

Then I remembered I only really need the Armorings, and I seem to recall having read about ways to transfer PvP mods between characters with some trick, but I could be mistaken, and eveb if I am correct, I don't remember it anyway.

That would mean however than I can use my Operative main to collect the mods for my alts and get it done in time while having more fun doing so. Any help would be appreciated.