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Do not worry it will not a be a short death. Now please have what ever you would like. Markos said sitting down nearby going over some notes on his datapad.
Sabrina gave a little frown as she pulled out her own seat, she then order a meal. She listened to lord markos, as he made small talk. Soon she finshed her meal, she heard.

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On board the space station a trooper approached Darth Howl. My lord we have an intruder spotted in sector six five. What are your orders? Darth Howl thought for a moment. How did he get on board... Oh nevermind that detail... Find whomever it is and take them to the containment deck with the others Markos can handle this. He then turned and activated the intercom nearby. All ships prepare for hyper space jump all preperations are complete soon we will strike at the heart of the cursed Republic! With that the entire fleet commenced a hyper space jump towards Balmorra. Ravna had awoken in her cell her body still in pain. She could barely move and the only sound heard coming from her cell was her murmuring Help.
As she politely bowed to markus and said I must get ready for battle, I shall speak to you soon. She then head back to where fury was and got changed, into her standard battle robes.