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This is my personal opinion. I chose the merc and vanguard route, and am regreting it. Here is why.

Merc/Commando. Their dps tree, is spent standing in one place place, casting. This in my opinion makes more sense as a commando. Because, you have that giant assault canon, wich naturaly, would weigh you down. Jango/Boba, were very mobile. And the merc, is wielding two pistols. Also, most of your abilitys as a merc, (the ones used in this tree) are cast from the wrist. The commando, shoots all from the assault canon. So I think commando should be the route you choose.

Powertech/Vanguard. This class, is spent up close and personal. The vanguard is wielding a large assault rifle, and a powertech uses a little pistol. Doesn't it make a little sense to go toe to toe with someone with a small pistol, using one arm, for more mobility, vs the vanguards large clunky assault rifle? And is you go tanking, launching yourself at a target using a jetpack looks alot cooler then the vanguards sprint up to someone.

This is my opinion. Good luck on the choices. And, very sorry for the terrible spelling.
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