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11.27.2012 , 08:59 PM | #14
ok so as a startagy for The operator boss here is the roles that you should have

1.scoundrel healer
2.sentinal dps
3.Shadow dps
4.any tank
you need the scoundrel healer and the shadow dps to switch colors during the begging fight for instance. you would have the healer and tank be blue first once you have that done the dps which would be orange would then channel during this channel the scoundrel healer will stealth out go to the color switching thing and choose purple same with the dps shadow during this u should have 1 blue 1 orange 2 purples 0 yellow after this phase u want to make it last long so fail the phase so the shadow and the scoundrel can swtich to yellow. once yellow is gone ur dps will change spots to purple so now u should have 1 blue 1 orange 1 purple 1 yellow now the 2nd part is simple just dps the boss and stand in both circles when they pop up and repeat and DONE!