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I, too, am a little interested in attempting to wade into the ocean that appears to be Star Wars literature. After years of watching movies, playing games, reading books and even the odd comic here and there, I find myself downright sated where the subject of compelling, male protagonists are concerned, and Star Wars seems a tad bit male-centric. Are there any good books at all that deal, primarily, with a female protagonist? Something touching on The Exile's story post or prior to the events of Kotor 2, perhaps?
Knight Errant has a female protagonist. It's set in the Old Republic Era. Also from the Legacy of the Force series there's a couple of novels that have lots of story for Jaina Solo going to see Boba Fett, and of course there's Tenel Ka and the matriarchy of the Hapes Sector. As well as Leia and her adventures. There's also some Mara Jade Skywalker books in the Empire Era. And there's Natasi Dala, at some point leader of the Republic, and wasn't she of the Empire before? There's strong women in SW. You might be interested in books written by a woman, they should offer more female perspectives. Try Karin Traviss. I quite liked her work. Christie Golden also wrote for the last series. And she's set to write a trilogy on Jaina Solo, to be released in 2014 (if Disney won't cancel it).
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