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11.27.2012 , 04:30 PM | #25
Can't wait to have this new wz hit live server !

I've seen a few videos on YouTube (from PTS) and it indeed looks very promising, plus the exotic Asation/Gree like setting looks really nice.

Thanks !

Quote: Originally Posted by Isendal View Post
Khaine's Wrath? Cannot remember if thats the area or not but same mechanic from Warhammer Online. A handful of people liked it. Blizzard poached their content from good MMO's. Don't poach from dead MMO's.
It was "Khaine's Embrace", and then it didn't have the several twists this new wz will have, with the orbs and such...
And dead or not : many of Warhammer Online battlegrounds were really really nice and fun.

Hopefully SWTOR will have variations of "Tor Anroc" or "Phoenix gates" one day too !!!
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