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^ Fixed.

They HAVE made a lot of promises without result, but years of it have callused me to the fact. Now, I just write it off as typical EA and move on.

Oh yeah because a new operation, new warzone, and new dailies to grind is totally the new content we were hoping for. How about a new planet or maybe continuation of the player story?

And I'm guessing you don't know EA very well. Their usual practice is release new flashy eye-candy before fixing what they already have, but most of time their "new stuff" just breaks what WAS working or makes what's already broken even worse.
Hey, I understand. I just find it annoying that people seem to complain about everything. From my personal experience (and this is just me) I have encountered no bugs that have hindered by gameplay - in fact I haven't really encountered any at all.

And while you can bash BioWare about making too many promises. So far they have delivered, by the end of this year they have promised, a new warzone, new operation, new daily area, new companion, new planet, and new playable species. So far they have delivered have they not? All they haven't given us that they've promised is a new planet and new playable speices, but no doubt thats in the works. And the year aint up.