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11.27.2012 , 03:15 PM | #37
1. Commando & merc animations are boring no matter what, but mortar volley only looks good with a cannon (plus 1 for commando)
2. Finding matching pistols that you like can be nearly impossible (minus 1 for merc)
3. Electricity coming out of the end of a blaster rifle looks silly (minus 1 for vanguard)
4. Flames, hidden blades, and rocket & hydraulics assisted punches makes for a much more convincing melee class than grenades set off in your own face, butt-striking, & random electricity coming out of an otherwise ordinary rifle (plus three for PT, minus 3 for vanguard)

Merc/Vanguard -5
PT/commando +4

PT/commando combo kicks merc/vanguard's ***