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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthOvertone View Post
I think everyone is pretty sick of all the WZs except Huttball. heh
I love Huttball because everyone hates it. Pulling people out of the fire is fantastic.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jeffor View Post
I can't believe people aren't sick of these stupid WZs yet. Is there PVP anywhere else these days?
Pre-Section X, you could go to Black Hole and find lots of players doing their dailies in their PVE gear. I love winning 2v1s as heals, after /dancing in front of them. It's still a popular area, but not as much.

If you're really that sick of WZs, make your own pvp. Form a group, ask someone/a guild to oppose you, go to Outlaw's Den for a bit. If word spreads around, and if you do it at primetime, even better. Problem solved.
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