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How do you feel knowing that on one side you "Maelstrom Prison" on another you "Foundry".
And that by multiple times.

Hello? How's that sense making?
Revan spoilers in 1st paragraph beware omg

What in this bothers you and why? In Pubbie quest chain Revan even speaks about heading to Foundry once he has gotten his arse rescued. - Prime example of synergy I spoke of in OP. When you hop from faction to another the Revan instances give at least some sense of developing and evolving story; impression of you exploring a coin with two sides.

It is pretty safe to say vast majority of people never enjoyed TOR's end game enough to stick around for it. It is also safe to say EA burned bazillion dollars for making hundreds of hours of stories spread among 8 different characters. There are like 50 fully voiced companions in this game. That is highly impressive and utterly sick by any and all accounts. Conclusion; this is not an MMO where most people stick with one character and enjoy the end game. This aspect of game is viewed bit weak in TOR. Meanwhile, sheer quantity of unique class-specific content ensures this game shines in reroll department. Yet, EA did very little to actually encourage and suggest people to do so. During launch, there was absolutely nothing in place that would...suggest person who has dinged 50 that he might wanna check other classes out. When you finish the class story, plot really should poke and prod you towards another class in some obvious, natural fashion. It does no such thing. This is infinitely disappointing and wasted opportunity to get people hooked.