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Republic Aligned

  • Run Flashpoints
  • Kill World Bosses
  • Take on Operations
  • Compete in Warzones
  • Remain Casual, Friendly and Relaxed

What We Offer
  • Friendly player base
  • Dedicated site
  • Dedicated TS server
  • Access to Guild Bank with FullAccess given after 7 days
  • After completing 7 day trial Guild will fund repairs (limited amount per week increased as you are promoted)

Who can Recruit
  • VirMortalis- Guild Leader
  • Vugomy - Senator
  • Canes-venatici - Senator
  • Jiame - General
  • Be'Quin - General
  • Sat'el - Diplomat
  • Klis - Diplomat
  • Morvigio - General
  • Adalia - Diplomat
  • Make your intentions known on site via the recruitment threads if no one is around

Why Latalis

There is the right way, there is the wrong way and then there is the Latalis way!
We are multi-gaming community which as been around for a couple of years but the leaders have had more than a decade of Guild Leadership behind them, each division in the Latalis family is ran with the same ethos - By working together we achieve more

Latalis isn't a Guild that will allow its members to get rich quick on other Guild members, items offered in Guild Chat if available are offered free of charge in doing so players inside Latalis will find they can improve their characters by helping each other!

We will always run the lowest FP or kill the lowest level World Boss 1st we believe that our members no matter what level should be included in Guild events!

We have a respectful policy which applies within our community and reaches out in the specific game community as an whole, a member of Latalis should be proud to wear the tags and other individuals and groups should feel that our members treat them with the utmost respect.

Designed for all age groups we will do our best to make sure everyone beliefs, backgrounds are respected but with that in mind Guild chats are humorous and entertaining .

If you feel you can contribute to our family then feel free to join us!
I have a bad feeling about this