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In remodded War Hero with PvE Hilt, PvE Armorings in the off-hand and the Belt/Bracers I typically parse 1200-1450 in HM Ops. Where are you pullin the 700-900 number from?
What hybrid build and in which HM (fights) did you hit 1450 with? Maybe more important is which fight did you hit 1200 on? Low numbers usually mean a tougher fight with a lot of movement. I'll need specifics to try it out. If/when we time I'll ask one of our Campaign/hazmat geared sins do the same raid with same spec and see what he gets.

My numbers are an estimate from hybrid parses. But let's not estimate, I shouldn't have done that. Let me know the specific build/operation the 1450 comes from. If those are dummy numbers than they aren't "raid" realistic, just prime rotation numbers.
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