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Quote: Originally Posted by Mirdthestrill View Post
I'm sorry if this is somehow inappropriate to post on the forums, but I would like to purchase some of the account-wide customization unlocks available from the cartel market for in-game credits (the specific ones I'm looking for are extra quickbar, hide head slot, unify colors, display legacy name, and display title)

I have aprox. 730k credits to spend, and I've already tried looking on the GTN. The only unlocks there were for cargo bays.
Based on some of the GTN prices I've seen, you'll probably need at least double that amount of credits, if not more, to trade for those unlocks.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gidrea View Post
I'm not sure if I understand what you're trying to do here... but if you want someone to buy and unlock with their coins and then sell it to you, it doesn't work that way. Unlocks are not items that can be traded. When you purchase an unlock, the ability is immediately granted to you, there is no item to trade hands.
Sure you can. There are several on the GTN for sale. The unlock isn't granted until you open the unlock from your inventory.