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@ Altheran

It actually is quite possible for duplicity to proc without the setup of 31pt builds. If you look at the tooltip, its says that "direct damage" attacks can cause the effect. Coincidentally, direct damage attacks are also what consumes Recklessness charges. This means that Shock, Discharge, and DF all can proc Duplicity, and quite often will. Even if it doesn't, I find it to not be a serious issue. When I run 31pt builds, I usually open with a maul, even without a Duplicity proc, because with Dark Embrace up, I have force to spare, and VS is too inexpensive to make full use of it. Opening right away with 2x VS will leave you with full force while DE is up, which is wasted damage potential. If you get stunned during DE it gets even worse. Personal preference I suppose. With 27pt builds, I'm using DE to fund Shock without building 2 induction stacks.


I typically will change it up as the situation changes. But you make an excellent point for those who may be trying the build out for the first time, thanks. That's the other great thing about 27pt builds, there is no set rotation. No needing to use VS twice before Shock, no using X before Y or Z. You can really use Shock, Discharge, and DF in any order you want. I try to use Shock last whenever I can, just to avoid chain shock eating a Recklessness charge, but yes, in tight groups of enemies, then DF will go last. Once Recklessness goes on cooldown, you really are free to use whatever ability whenever you deem best in the current situation. The only thing to watch is induction stacks, but typically once you finish your opener and DF goes on cooldown, you will be using Thrash often enough that you won't even really have to think about it.

@ Xethis

Haha, ikr? And yes, your 2nd paragraph nails it exactly.