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but there's two reasons why you're seeing this.
I will add a third. Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors have the opposite game mechanic for energy/force that the rest of the classes have. While my smuggler builds up energy while waiting for a few seconds between fights, my Sentinel is losing it. My main is a smuggler healer, I have hated Sentinels in HMFP, it has nothing to do with them not healing between fights, everything to do with them leaping out of my range towards a elite instead of attacking the three weaks tearing me apart as I was casting a big heal on them. Sawbones are slow and even slower when 3 weaks are beating/shooting her in the back while she runs into range of the Sentinel. Get there and him and his Guardian buddy leap to the next pack leaving me now to deal with 6 weaks and still need to get a heal on him. I donít mind chain pulls, but if you are chain pulling and not healing, then at least do your job and kill the weaks. Donít make the healer do their job and yours too.

Still donít understand the need to only kill elites, but I do understand the chain pulling now as I am just as guilty of it as anyone else that plays a Sentinel. It is a total blast clearing an entire area in a few seconds. I do however still understand the healers perspective and I kill stuff in the right order to keep it off the healer. I also watch the healers health bar so that I can leap back to whatever is attacking the healer should dps miss something. I will also self heal and use defensive cooldowns and even stop and wait when the healer isnít completely overgeared.

I will also say something about CCís. I have gotten yelled at before for breaking CCís in a HMFP. Weaks are one, at most two hits on my Shadow. If you CC a weak I will kill it last in that area, but I will kill it before I force speed across the room. I am not going across the room and kill that stuff and then come back for one weak. CC elites if you want, but donít bother with weaks or strongs when the group is completely overgeared or donít yell at someone when they break it with a one hit force breech.