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Sure, far enough. But I would say 'so what?', a huge number of players only care about doing SM because they just want to see the content. So even if it's true that in NiM and some HM ops a hybrid couldn't pull weight I'd say 'so what?' This would waste the time/money of everyone else in the raid. The only way for a team with a hybrid shadow to be feasible in a raid is if the rest of the team is over geared or the healer is doing off DPS. Which is impossible in NiM and the more difficult HMs. Low DPS on a melee is asking to miss DPS benchmarks

Not everyone is a hardcore progression raider.

That being said, I'd be interested in seeing some hard numbers from somewhere on what the highest DPS requirement in the game is to beat an encounter Depends on the fight. Certain fights require melee to pull the DPS weight while ranged stafe/etc. Hybrid, even well geared I would imagine would be 600-800 depending on debuffs. That's 500-700 less than a melee should be pulling off. I would be really surprised if it was too high for a talented hybrid player to put out. talent has little to do with it. A commando spamming grav round will do more dps than a hybrid shadowThe game just really doesn't have ANY super difficult encounters once you figure the mechanics out and have every body's role down pat as to what happens when. that makes no sense, mechanics of some fights require high dps before timed benchmarks

I mean, I can't do them allthat seems to be the case, but I'm just some schlubself deprecation is a no no unless you are Louis CK. But this is what I hear other 'hardcore' players repeat over and over againweird statement to make, hardcore players you hang with talk about shadow hybrids in raids over and over... .
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