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Ok that i understand.

So if it is not the legacy then what could this guy have done, so that when ever he makes a new character, he starts off with 8 emails inbox, get so many items and stuff, so that when he gets his companian, its 2 or 3 times stronger then what ever class he plays at?
His companion was not 2-3 times stronger than him (unless he is so weak that he is obviously doing something wrong), but one of the character attributes in the game is called Presence. Presence makes your companion stronger.

At the moment, the ways to get more Presence are:
- Some of the gear has Presence (rarely though).
- In the game there are Datacrons which will increase your stats, Presence is one of these.
- When you get a human character to level 50, all of your characters get +100 Presence.
- In the game there are companion conversations, you unlock them when your companions affection gets high enough and you are past certain parts in your class story. For each companion which you complete all companion conversations, all of your characters get among others +10 Presence.

The stuff which he gets in the mail are things like the speeders, pets, color crystal, some toys, etc.
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