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The only thing that can really help you in combat early on, are the pink-purple crystals that you find in the Crime Lord Cartel Packs.

They have a level restriction of 10 but give you +41 in either Endurance, Power or Crit rating... That's a nice boost to start with :-)

Furthermore, players are rewarded for their long-time activity. Being around since launch will net you a title, a pet and some flavour items, but nothing really exciting.

Finally, Legacy will help you level a new character in the following ways:
- Unlock Speeder Piloting at early stages (Rank 1 can be used from level 10 and upwards)
- Experience gain boosters. Your character grows faster this way.
- By maxing out the companion affections from your first character, you will receive extra bonuses to crit rating, presence, etcetera. Also, finishing a story line with the human species will add to your presence, making your companions more effective.
- Legacy Abilities: You unlock Legacy Abilities, which can aid you in your quests. For example: When you complete the entire story line for the Imperial Agent, your next character will be granted the "Legacy: Orbital Bombardment", which is a very nice AoE to have in a pickle.

Now, with the Cartel Market, more specifically the Cartel Coins, it is very easy to unlock many of these perks. All you need is to have a high enough Legacy Level...

Hope this helped.

EDIT: I always start with 4 e-mails:

- Founder mail: gives me a founder medal that grants the title. I got it by sticking around since Launch
- Party Jawa mail: I got it because I'm an active subscriber when they launched F2P
- Black-Yellow Crystal: I got this crystal because I pre-ordered before launch. It gives +4 endurance.
- Digital Deluxe Mail: Because I have the digital deluxe edition, I get a mail with fluff items (holodancer, flare gun) and one speeder, as well as access to the VIP lounge.

How this guy has 4 more mails, is beyond me. These are all the mails I'm getting...
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