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11.26.2012 , 01:51 AM | #22
Merc dps is the worst subclass in the game. Followed closely by Commando dps.

My suggestion would be to buff Ironsights so that it increases Accuracy AND Aim by 3% per skill pt. Combine that with a lower CD on JetBoost, and giving JetBoost the same removal of movement impairment effects and speed boost that the Sorc Sprint ability got. These are small changes that don't require any animation changes or new skills. And they won't change PvE balance.

But the big thing is that BW must change their mindset that Merc dps is overpowered. BW's ingame stat collection system was revolutionary for MMOs, but it has a fatal flaw - it doesn't control for changes in player skill quality. When you have a subclass that is utilized by a tiny fraction of players, those players are usually the most seasoned, geared and committed to their class. They generate higher meta average numbers and it makes their subclass appear to be OP from a statistical standpoint. Until BW admits that their use of meta average productivity numbers is the wrong way to manage class (im)balance, nothing good will happen.