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I have a lot of experience playing in WoW (more than 3 years), on russian server. I have tried all of the roles in the game. But now, with the renewal subscription SWTOR, and began to play a healer, I encountered a very strange behavior of the vast majority of players. For example: almost no one recovers his health, and resources, after the battle meditation, and other abilities. All, just immediately run to the next mob puck without looking at their own health.
In WoW, it is difficult to find a tank that it attacked the new pack of strong mobs with 50% health. In SVTOR is this a common thing. In WoW, a few more can be found of the tank, which will start the fight when healer out of mana, or the doctor is not there. In SVTOR it constantly. The fact that people have to help the tank, and beat his goal, I did not even mention.
What is this? I just had bad luck with groups? Or is it not a basic understanding of MMO game players? Or simply a cultural feature of english game worlds?
Please do not tell me to go back to WoW. I like it a lot SWTOR despite the large number of drawbacks. I just wanted to find out why.
Sorry for my bad English.
English is fine and, hopefully nobody tells you to get lose (would be complete dick move by them to do so) but there's two reasons why you're seeing this.

-Tank may be used to operative healers. Operative healers don't need the tank to stop between groups to get him back to full health. As long as he doesn't get down to, like, 10% health, the tank can just run from group to group and remain at full health.

and the biggie

-Group finder reward. The flashpoints reward tionese and columi gear. Group finder rewards tokens for black hole gear. Result of this is the groups you're getting in with may be WELL overgeared for the flashpoints and just want enough comms to buy something and reverse engineer everything for molecular stabilizers, then ship those off to crafters to get dread guard equivalent mods. So in their case, everything except the flashpoint's last conversation or boss is just an obstacle to their goal.

Also, consider that some people might just be morons. Was in a black talon run today where some ******* assassin tank sapped an enemy and complained that the mob got pulled. There was a droid in the mob and the tank's the one who pulled him.

Edit: one more thing. The problem the OP is having is a recent-ish development, or, at least, it's gotten worse. Was in a group with a resubscriber tank from a february. Totally competent, but didn't do ANY of the stuff TC's talking about.