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It has more than likely fallen back to the heart of Imperial space to be more heavily protected until it is time for it to be deployed. Our only option in that event is to lure the Empire into deploying it into a trap. Kregan said her mind in a flurry going over dozens of plans.

Yeah yeah let's go and get it done with Merena stay here and plan things out with these guys we won't be long. Hadock said walking out of the room.

The planet was devastated. I did not pay to much mind to it to busy destroying the Republic forces. He said a smile on his face as he saw an unconscious Ravna drug across the room and thrown into her cell.
Mean leaned foward "You need to taunt them, present them a target so weak and vurnable, at least to someone not in the know, that they will have to attack or give up what would give them a large tactital advantage"

"Agreed." zero said over the comm "Nerken, why don't you give us your information now. it may help give us an idea of how to proseed"