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I'm not sure.
Did they ever fix the Crit-chance-bug on the internal-version?
What bug are you refering to? I'd want to know because I have the internal one and i noticed that the crit% for the relic didn't match any of my crit% (melee or force)

Does the crit% of the relics are affected by the Juyo stacks (+15% crit chance for bleeds @5stacks)? (I assume it doesn't because the talent in the spec says "Your bleed effects..." and I think that the proc from the relic isn't considered as a bleed)
And as a warrior i have 30% crit melee and 37% crit force, which crit% determines the crit chance of the relic? Can I expect 30 or 37% crit for it? (I know that attacks types have no relations with damages types, that's why i ask which crit% will be taken into account)

For the record I did a few tests (~10), and the relic procs every 5.7sec (so this is OK), but i was quite disapointed when i saw that it only crits for ~21-23%. My tests were done on the ops dummy during 10 minutes each time and none had 30% crit chance on the relic effect.

I haven't enough comms to buy the elemental one for the moment in order to test this so if someone have tested it I would be glad to know how it looks.

PS: sorry for my bad english
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