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11.25.2012 , 08:46 PM | #27
i think everyone forgets why the groupfinder gives daily BH comms in the first place. Its not because you deserve BH gear for doing tier 2 endgame content. It's because they wanted to keep the groupfinder populating and giving everyone a small amount of BH comms to do it would incentivise people who are long past needing columni or tionese gear to help out the new 50s and make it so they dont have to wait an hour to group.

I read this and the other thread on this forum(the one that focuses on skipping bosses) and I get this idea, that people who are well geared and are only there for the comms, which is great btw, have put this attitude in their heads that a new 50(with recruit gear or oranges filled with daily mods, welfare crafted epics etc) are somehow ruining their expeirence. Im all for speedruns when everyone's well geared(like my level 50 sorc healer). But when someone isnt well geared and actually is there not just for comms but for the columni gear, don't chain pull.

I mean one way or another don't waste time. If you've played the flashpoint before, dont hesitate to skip cutscenes(dont spam SKIP either like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum if others decide not to) If you can skip a group of trash do it. Its not terrible to skip bonus bosses either(there are a few that drop good gear, but most can be skipped without losing anything you cant live without) , but if someone wants to do it, build the community and just do the bossfight.

TLDR. Speedrunning's cool if everyone's ok with it and geared to actually do so. Otherwise just play the freaking flash point. .If you absolutely insist on doing speedruns every time, get a group of 3 well geared peeps together and then press the queue button. And also if you want to speed run, make sure you let ppl know at the beginning of the flashpoint, and not act like a dick when you find they are not skipping.