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If it tanks - I think it should do it indirectly with a variation of the guard mechanic ~ let a dps face tank, while the droid soaks damage for them & buffs their threat. If it heals - it could do it indirectly by buffing the health regen of a target ~ soaking a smaller amount of damage and heal itself with strong self heals. If it dps's - I think it should do things like have a short range AoE gap closer & a proc based short radius self centered Aoe damage, and buff another dps with another guard mechanic.
The problem with a design like this is that, while it works for things like FPs, it doesn't work for Ops. Imagine all of the problems that would arise from using your tank design with another tank in the group: you'd be improving a tanks already impressive threat and splitting what little damage they already take down even more. With your healing model, there would be balance considerations with overpowering AoE heals (since you're splitting single target DPS amongst 2 targets, functionally doubling the effectiveness of all AoE heals). Furthermore, since your "tank" spec relies upon the tank *not* tanking but instead turning a DPS into a tank, what do you do when there isn't a DPS that actually wants to tank, which includes responsibilities like positioning, pulling, etc, as well as some classes outright not wanting to have aggro whatsoever (DPS Shadows and Scrapper Scoundrels would never want to tank because it would end up tanking their DPS). You'd be creating a class that, rather than fulfilling a role, forces someone else to do it instead.

Any class intrinsically designed to operate as a purely support class (re: not a healer, but a class that makes other classes more effective) is going to have some major balance issues within the confines of a game that, up until that point, has had 3 well defined roles: you're not fulfilling any of the extant roles and are forcing the implementation and rebalancing of everything to account for a new 4th role. Your healer would make other healers more effective, DPS would make DPS more effective, and tank would make other tanks more effective. You would naturally arrive at problems with either being vastly underpowered in solo and FPs or overpowered in Ops purely because you have an arbitrary desire to skirt the perfectly functional roles that already exist.

Rather than trying to create some completely new role, which is what you seem to be trying to do, just use the existing ones. It's not like all of the tanks play identically, nor is there so little variance between them that you really need to invent a new way of using one. Just tweaking the resource mechanism in the ways discussed and messing around with the basic playstyle (meaning the rotation/prioritization of attacks and interaction of abilities with one another, not simple things like which weapon is use and what type of damage is dealt; play style refers to how it plays, not how it looks) would be enough to create an interesting and functional class. Create a different enough resource (such as the ones Alth or I recommended which combine aspects of existing resource mechanisms to create something that would play differently) and good portion of the mechanical design work is done, honestly. Throw in some stances for the various roles, and all you have left to do is play around with CDs, rotations, and buffs/debuffs required for abilities.

If you're really insistent on using the Guard mechanic as a class system, it's not necessary to make it entirely necessary to the fulfillment of the role. Provide it as one of the unique "gimmicks" of one of the ACs (specifically, the one that has a tank tree) insofar as each spec gets some way in which to manipulate or create a new Guard mechanism (the tank spec gets one that causes the droid to gain resources or some other buff whenever the guarded target takes damage (or whenever the target goes a certain amount of time without taking damage, or both, honestly), in addition to the baseline effects; the other specs get talents that allow them to use Guard in stances other than the tank stance but change the effect to something different (removing the 5% DR, 25% lower threat, and 50% damage transfer), such as providing a bonus to the target's crit/surge/power when you get a crit or use a certain ability or causing the two of you to deal 5% more damage when within 4m of each other. It's possible to make it a defining characteristic of the class without making it the mechanic that the entire class is built off of.
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