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@ wargonglok ~ I bet you can help! Try to keep in mind how much work goes into altering planets & creating new animations. The more work is required, the less likely it could ever happen. There are ability animations in the game being used by mobs ~ that player abilities don't appear to use. Many of the player ability animations are already being used by different abilities by different classes & advanced classes. Each tech tree needs at minimum, 2 new ability animations per tech tree for the spec special abilities. Try to keep the number of new animations down & think about things like recoloring of effects ~ and not using the animation from tree specific abilities from other classes. ~ keep your eyes peeled for animations that are not being used by a player class atm.

@ Omnisin ~ BW has become pretty hung up on their "special romance feature" ~ eventhough so many games are now including this. It's pretty silly considering that many folks find the idea of romance arcs in their video games juvenile & kind of sad. The relationships arcs that I've seen thus far in this title are the sort of relationships that would have seriously negative repercussions in RL. I'm with you that it's time to drop the feature if it messes with game play, or doesn't fit the story. If a droid class had a romance option - I feel like it should be there just to poke fun at the joke romance arcs have become.

@ Altheran ~ Yeah - it is a writing hurdle. "How do you make interesting companions that are somehow beholden to a droid?" I feel like BW took the easy out on this one, and made a choice not to find out if it would sink. The flip side is that the companion AI is actually very simple, with most of the companions using an AI and ability set that is nearly identical to many of the others. Doc/ Theran/ Elara/ Guss - are all actually the same companion with the exception of 1 ability & 1 armor proficiency, as far as I can tell (Theran uses holiday for the same effect as the carbonite spray of the others). All that's making them different is, names on the abilities, a few companion conversations, and different audio for unit acknowlegements. There are DPS/ healer/ ranged tank/ melee tank/ melee dps AI's that are being reused over and over. The new HK companion may be using a unique AI ~ but i'm not convinced yet, it may just be a variation of the ranged dps AI. If the companion AI is sophisticated enough- it may all just be one AI. Mobs are using the same AI as the comps. So- there isn't a whole lot of fresh programming necessary for new comps ~ just the story writing. And most companions seem to have less than 10 "conversation" missions, & at most 2 companion missions. I could easily be wrong about that as I havn't played any imp toon through to the end. But it is a task with limits.

@ Petnil ~ that's the only way I can see it working - a droid race that doesn't have any option other than playing the droid class. I'm not sure it's even necessary for a playable droid to have Advanced classes.

@ Kitru ~ I feel like the race/class should have a special armor proficiency to keep it's gear from causing problems with the droid companions. I don't want to see a droid class develop that can take front stage center from any of the other classes. I don't want it to take the best bits and pieces from each of the other classes. I wouldn't want it to become the defacto "BESTEST" solo/ tank/ heal/ dps class. What I'd like to see is another class that can complement the abilities and playstyle of the existing classes. If it tanks - I think it should do it indirectly with a variation of the guard mechanic ~ let a dps face tank, while the droid soaks damage for them & buffs their threat. If it heals - it could do it indirectly by buffing the health regen of a target ~ soaking a smaller amount of damage and heal itself with strong self heals. If it dps's - I think it should do things like have a short range AoE gap closer & a proc based short radius self centered Aoe damage, and buff another dps with another guard mechanic. Mob droids already do some of this in the game. And there are already abilities that apply these sorts of buffs. The downside is that this would completely trivialize tank swaps, & tight dps rotations. The healing..... might become extremely boring.

I also feel that the class could be a way to breathe a lot of life back into crafting. All the various supplies for the class could be crafting recipes, forget modifying every loot table/vender in the game. Maybe give the class a capstone dps ability that uses cybertech grenades for ammunition? Give the class a unique weapon proficiency ~ and give those to armstech. Give the class it's own unique relic recipes to artifice. The repair kits to armormech. Make all the recipes drop from slicing & diplomacy. The core & part recipes would go to someone else. Make the class depend completely on a consummable with a cd for mana regen ~ call it a fuel cell, make it from low level mats, with a version for every craft. Just give the class a hidden debuff to it's regen that makes it depend on the timed buff for regen at all. If it's a legacy class, players have the credits to feed such a beast.

Imagine the ePeen from running NiM Ops with such a droid.....especially if it's abilities are not quite up to par with those of other classes, or if the abilities require a higher level of skill to use effectively.

I vote for a linear resource mechanic with a large pool like sage sage/sorc ~ but as a heat mechanic like the Bounty Hunter class. Just invert the colors on the resource bar - no need for a new mechanic. Not too much of the heat mechanic in the game right now. As for abilities that are interesting to use, I'd suggest that few if any knockbacks/ stuns/ mezzes/ roots be added to the game. And I'd say that the class needs a pretty standard mix of channeled, cast, & instants. Each tree needs a proc or two. An ability unique to the tree at point 15 & 31, with a unique animation.

The story writing challenge of a droid class is coming up with something that fulfills the fantasy of the player, without breaking the game, makes sense, and isn't so cliche that no one is surprised by the way the story ends. The other side is that fiction reuses old stories all the time because the "younguns" have never heard the story before.

The playstyle requirement is tough ~ because you're right ~ it needs to be something different that what the other classes do. There are enough stealth classes imho, and I don't see *clank* *whir* as being too stealthy. I also thing melee is out for a droid class. I don't want long range to take away from the snipers. I don't want fire effects to take away from Pyrotechs. I don't want assault cannons taking away from Commandos. I don't want duo pistols taking away from gunslingers & mercs. Too many electrical effects, messes with the sorcerers. It's almost down to things like, the shields that some mobs put on other mobs (like in LI), radiation effects like a recolor of kolto cloud, or ultrasonic type stuff from Manaan in the first KOTOR. It's certainly a creative challenge. throw on top of that the challenge of making it cheap to develop the artwork.... and it's a pretty rough challenge. But there are few creative people about.

But it wouldn't hurt the game to have another class option to bring in another tanking & healing tree ~ there are just WAY too many dps specs. I can understand why BW is insistent on have advanced classes- becuase it doubled the options for players without doubling the development work. But considering that they are now talking about allowing players to swap their AC in the future ~ I'm not sure AC's are actually a necessity anymore.
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