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I think "deserving recognition" is the wrong way to put it.

I'd like to put in terms of the RPG genre's staple of character advancement. One of the appeals of RPG's has always been the inclusion of systems where you gain rewards through gameplay. The legacy system is a neat way of tying all characters on an account together in one progression system.

The problem we have now is that the system is essentially meaningless past legacy level 25. Imagine, if you will, that they increased the character level cap to 60, but your character didn't gain any more abilities or stats or any other improvements past 50. The only thing that changed was the number next to your character. That would, I think, be a broken progression system, and that's essentially where the legacy system is right now. Every legacy level gained past 25 is presently useless.

I think even some small bonuses, such as a 1% gain in credits and experience from missions and drops per 10 legacy levels, would be a big improvement.
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