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What I hate most is the lack of transparency. Displaying the deposit, especially now that it's so low, is useless. I want to know right away how much a successful listing will cost me without pulling out a calculator every single time.

I noticed different costs for different items at same selling price and same listing time. Is there a guide somewhere that explains the math?
It's a small fraction of the selling price, no matter how you slice it. I believe it is 6% of price sold, regardless of duration of listing or price. Smaller then some other MMOs. If it worries you, then sell items in /trade instead... but you are going to get low balled and hassled in /trade IMO.

Any appearance of different commission rates is likely due to differences in the deposit prices + sell price - commission making some items which list cheaper appear to be charged more commission. They significantly reduced the listing deposit in the last patch so it makes it look like less money on the final sale then before patch.
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