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I believe the ramdisk is created and game files are copied during this time.

I would ask for help with C6 error (less than 2GB free space on the disk) which I have since last patch. I reduced files to see if it helps - as expected, it did not. In Retail mode game runs without this error.

Any advice on C6 error? Thanks!

I have recently changed to W8 Pro but had no problems with Unleashed until patch so I think it is not an issue.

EDIT: I found a solution myself - edited Unleashed.xml file to increase ramdrive size to have at least 2GB free on launch of TOR. I just leave the problem and solution here.
Wow, wow, wow...... wait a minute. Can you send us here a screenshot of your error?
And tell me how much RAM you have, and how much free space you have on your hard drives.
Modifying the XML file is not recommended. Else you take full responsability of any misbehavior of the software.

As of now I don't understand your issue (not explained precisely enough).
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