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Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Dreselus View Post
Idea for resource:

Computation / Upload / Processing (someone come up with a better name)

It would work similarly to Focus/Rage but be limited to 3 stacks.

Base attack, no cd, low dmg, builds 1 stack
Second (filler) attack, low cd, moderate dmg, spends 1 stack
Processing is a name which rings for me. But I'd rather see it as a reverted Focus/Rage, near from the ammo ressource, a number of points but without regeneration which need some specific attacks like the basic one to build it back. The advanced classes could be like Shadows and Sages regarding how they use/build back the ressource (one with bigger pool but lesser ways to build back)
It would be like a computer starts with processors and RAM ready to use, then use it for processes and when the process need to end, it dumps data to leave room for other processes.