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For free we get the best content the game offers. The sub 50 content is bar none leaps and bounds above any other MMO out there. That's why the end game is such a let down. It's just nowhere near as fun. So when I say it's not worth it to spend the $15 a month it's because the game lacks in areas that would make me want to spend the $15.
I understand that and I have seen many commenting on endgame content. I cannot commeng on the subject because my highest level toon is 27. I am in no rush to get to 50 partly because of those concerns.

Also I will add despite the possible discredit this will bring to me that TOR is my first MMO. I agree the game could use improvements but I am loving it. Probably because I do not have another game to compare it too or that I didn't have expectations to begin with.

My question to you and those in the same boat is do you still spend your time, even though your endgame experience is not meeting your expectations?

I just find ironic that some folks want to spend their time but not their money. As if their time willing to be spent in game, in some cases substantial, is not worth $0.50/day.