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The original purpose of my question was to see if you can be a hybrid while leveling.
The biggest problem with hybridization while leveling is that you end up delaying your access to the most substantial and important talents that make you truly effective. By going as a hybrid spec, you often end up losing out on the resource generation tools that make playing beyond the 20 levels enjoyable (One with the Force, Profundity, Sharpened Mind) rather than just constantly waiting for your Force bar to fill up again. If you do go for the resource regeneration tools right of the bat, you pay for your hybridization after that point because the low tier talents really don't make up for the same gains you'd get by just progressing along the same lines. The advantages of hybridization while leveling just aren't there: even if you want to be versatile, you're better off just going with a specific spec and switching out your stances and gear when you have to do something else (that is, if you don't have the field respec and aren't a sub so that respecing is free).

But for now, I am curious about this because I only had points for the Infiltration tree yet I've been able to tank for my groups pretty effectively.
Depending on your level, spec and role can mean almost nothing. Until you hit your late 20s to early 30s, which role you choose to fill doesn't really mean much (though spec starts mattering more than it did before, insofar as getting access to specific abilities and talents that make certain abilities effective). If you're running as a tank in full Infiltration in your mid-30s or later, you're going to have a bad time of it because the full DPS spec'd people are going to simply rip aggro off of you and your general squishiness will make the healer's life hell.

Gauging the effectiveness of a spec or playstyle based upon how it performs before level 30 is going to provide you with some really skewed data. Below that level, the specs haven't really sufficiently differentiated so there isn't really much difference between one Shadow and the other and the content itself isn't really all that challenging (pretty much the only thing required to run group content before your early 30s is a healer; you can run without a tank with varying degrees of success until then). Beyond that level, your info isn't really going to fly since specialization starts to matter and the advantages of supposed versatility fall to the wayside (I've heard of some DPS running with a shield and some pieces of tank gear so that they can pick up a boss if the tank dies, though I've never really understood the logic behind that since, without the talents to tank effectively, you're really just praying that your reduced DPS will be enough to get threat and your barely improved survivability will be enough to make a difference in the healer's ability to keep you alive *if* the tank dies rather than simply trying to kill a target faster so that, if the tank does die, you have to spend less time without a tank).
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