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11.25.2012 , 02:42 PM | #6
Not really a good idea. Think about it, you want to take away credit dumps from people who have and make lots of money. Will it increase the buying power of the little guys? Sure, for a while. Then you'll see rampant inflation as the average and higher wealth players use their increased buying power to buy more items for less cash. Which triggers a run on items with a finite supply. You end up with highly inflated prices on basic items as supply can't meet demand.

Instead, you should consider the following.

How do I spend my money?
Do I need every character perk on every character?
How can I improve my cash flow with out increasing my play time?
Should I buy now or wait till the item drops in value?

Just to throw this in, I study full time and work part time. I hardly have any free time to play, yet I'm able to make several hundred thousand to a million credits on a weekly basis.