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I was only making the point that they exist, like I said in that same post I don't know anything about whether the jedi appear chaotic or not. I haven't played them.

But Neutral fits a Smuggler very well, often times you may just be picking the more sensible solution. Turning in a senator who admits to rigging the vote doesn't make it more surprising when my smuggler encourages people on Taris to keep fighting the Rakghouls because they are demonstrably not capable of negotiation.
I agree with this. My biggest gripe with the alignment system is the approach to achieving it. Far too many quets have light/dark responses that leave me scratching my head. Like the quest on coruscant to datamine the droid to expose a corrupt politician. It's light to not do it...and let a corrupt politician continue to be disingenuous and decieve people, but it's dark to get the information to expose him and at possibly save lives....

That's one of the only reasons i don't like light and dark stuff in this game. many of the choices seem odd, so i end up going as neutral as I can sometimes.

But on the Topic....part of the reason that Bio stopped using the light/dark separation was because of all the people that were frustrated that they couldn't use half the gear in the game. They actually STOPPED advancing the light/dark gear separation due to players...I find it funny how people are wishing it back now. Guess you can never satisfy the player base...

...Personally, the idea sounds great till you have to experience it. what gear are they going to limit? are you going to be locked out of that ilvl 61 item that just dropped in 'X' Ops after a month of farming because it's dark and your light V? What if you go to the GMT and want to get a relic to equip on your character, and the only ones on the GMT are light, and your a dark I? anyone remember when saber crystals were limited by class? light players couldn't use red crystals, etc. huge outcry on that one.

The reality of the idea is that it's irritating, limiting, and for the most part ill bet that a good number of the people here that are for it would start griping the first time they were locked out of a piece the actually needed because they had the wrong alignment type. I love the idea as an RP element, but it's a horrible idea from a game balance perspective.

...unless you eliminate the roadblocks to getting the gear you need with the appropriate alignment...which would defeat the purpose for having alignment gated gear in the first place hehe....

....the only option is to make alignment a purely cosmetic idea from the get go. another possibility that would be fun is giving us better advantages with fraction alignments. start adding some fractions in the game, and make then alignment focused. so a good aligned group (like the jedi council) would respond faster to a good aligned player (good player gets rep with the fraction faster), but the same player wouldn't gain rep as fast with the "cartel", or the Justicars (I could see cartels being a neutral fraction, while the Justicars would be a "dark" republic side fraction). but this would entail allot of work setting up actual fractions, with fraction rewards and more, including a "fraction rep grind"....but I think it would be fun, and worth it if they decided to go in that direction.

Of course, I think that Fraction based content would do this game a ton of justice. have a dark Jedi? unlock justicar rep, and suddenly you have a group of new daily quests across multiple planets involving "purging" evil out of various elements. jedi Council rep unlocks quests to obtain rare artifacts, or just a few odd "fight the sith" situations. Cartels are pretty obvious....and they would probably also have some nice bounties out there for those inclined (bounty = daily quest kinda thing. random NPC go kill get reward)

Some other ideas are like the more involved character changes, as mention in an above thread, as well as possible gear looks too (light characters have their gear get less dark, etc.)