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I"m an adult long time mmo veteran myself and have seen what you're getting at many times. But it doesn't apply to this game.

1) There are 0 gold sellers in this game. Haven't seen one since day 2 or 3 after launch. It just isn't profitable in this game. Kudos to Bioware for setting it up this way.

2) There's been rampant deflation since F2P kicked off. Not inflation. Everything you want on the GTN is getting cheaper, so the credit sinks elsewhere are easier to deal with.

3) They've taken out the credit sinks on Legacy stuff if you prefer to pay with cash instead. As a working adult this may be appealing to you.
I agree 100% on #1, I've seen a few try it in the early days of the game but haven't since, sadly I think it has less to do with Bioware than it does with there just isn't enough demand to pay for game currency as there are on other games, regardless it's nice not getting, "Buy gold cheap" spam and game mail.

as for #2 that again has little to nothing to do with credit sinks, the prices are "dropping" only because players were asking (and still are) insane amounts for items that are now flooding the GTN but you're still seeing items listed for 2-3 million.

As for #3, I may be a working adult but I don't like being told we're getting legacy system that will allow us to unlock perks and then being forced to either grind endless hours to pay for the perks after "unlocking' them or having to shell out more money (I am and have been a paid subscriber since launch) for these things. Just my opinion, to each their own but it just irks me to keep seeing credit sinks in a game where it's not needed and doesn't help.