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Your last sentence said it all , you can roleplay in your head on any server , therefore you can roleplay in your head on an RP server. The two names you quoted aren't that bad and considering there are hardly any names left on any server because of the mergers then yeah. They are no different from people calling themselves things such as "Dox'in'xxis" , "Plehh'boleh' , which are the types of names iv'e seen. Those people have to use symbols and double letters just to create their characters. Remember what part of MMORPG stands for.


You aren't getting the point Orb. But I'm not sure you will. People who RP do it mostly for immersion. One of the critical components to immersion is...well, having a world to immerse in. and people who are flopping around with names like that and are filling chat with horribly silly conversations...well, it ruins the immersion. You know the difference between a name like hiphop or iLikeBoobys and a name like Dox'in'xxis? when i come across a toon with a name like Dox'in'xxis, I start to wonder which culture or planet he heralded from to get that name. when I see a name like iLikeBoobys, I think that I just logged in with one of my son's pre-teen friends on xbox live.

You're right. you can immerse yourself in your own head. but it's not as fun, nor as involving or complete. It's simply NOT roleplaying. and it's not like this whole idea is (or should be) strange to you. every MMO I've been in with RP servers has maintained this idea or concept for their RP servers. Even though I'm not an RP'er, I will level toons on RP servers specifically so i can GET this kind of immersion. people with very star wars type names, with some RP in the background...It makes me feel like I am in the universe, rather then being in a room full of pre-teens playing a star wars game. Even if im not a hard core RP player.

And this is what they're talking about. Personally, I think Bio needs to have reporting options for stuff like this on RP servers. without the ability to control this kind of behavior, it's really a waste of time even having separate RP servers IMO.