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I love TOR, I love MMOs, but I am by no means a "power" player and I know i'm not alone in this. Credit sinks have never stabilized a gaming economy they've only ever done 2 things that I've ever noticed, 1) limited the spending ability of players with RL jobs and families who can't play several hours a day every day. 2) encouraged gold/credit farmers.

I think the Legacy system was a great idea and it was sold to us as this cool thing which will let us unlock perks for playing multiple classes, questing, ext. But then it goes live and it's suddenly, "Oh it unlocks a few things but the really cool stuff you have to pay for...." C'mon 5,000,000 credits to unlock full rocket boost????

Then they release per character unlocks... "Oh remember how we told you Legacy will let you unlock cool things for all the members of your Legacy? We changed our mind, now you have to buy the really handy ones on EVERY character."

I love TOR... it's by no means perfect but I love playing a Star Wars MMO again, but things like this are keeping casual players away from the game, trying to lure and keep the "Oh shiny!" crowd never works, they get bored too fast and move on to the next new thing they find.

Bioware you've got to find a way to keep players invested, a sense of community, pvp is very popular (even if i suck at it since I won't keybind, I still enjoy it most of the time) but won't keep members around forever. I hate to bring up SWG, people get so upset/touchy when it's mentioned, but they did a lot of great things that kept players loyal even to this day. How many other MMOs after closing down or changing drastically have a small legion of players rebuilding the game they loved with the open source code?

I'd love to see a new profession added that would allow players to redesign other player's images. It'd help keep things fresh (Who hasn't rolled a character then later decide they'd rather have a different look?) and give players a new way to interact. Don't like your hair or that piercing you selected when you selected when you rolled that Marauder at 3am? Find a player with the ability to change your looks, meet a new person, tip them credits for the service, have a unique and fun experience. Call it something like Underworld Surgeon or some such.

I don't know, rambling a bit now but just tired of playing this game and having all the cool stuff way out of reach for most of your player base, I'm all for having elite rewards and goals, but don't sell us on a Legacy system and then add exorbitant credit costs to unlock them...